Bed Bug Pest Control Tips To How You Get Rid Of These Ugly Intruders

Bed bugs are among the pests that are notoriously difficult to get rid of. These tiny insects feed on blood only and they can live anywhere in the home. They can remain alive for several months without feeding. The best bed bug pest control s to prevent their infestation in the first place. However, when they have already infested, then you need to take active measures to get rid of them. The following are the techniques to be applied in getting rid of these tiny creatures.




Bed bugs tend to prefer the dark and warm places and will most likely manifest in crannies and nooks of the mattresses, in the cracks in the drywall and under wall to wall carpeting edges. If you suspect the home or other place might be infested with bed bugs, ensure you find good source of light and then begin looking for signs of their presence in the areas such as under the mattress, in cracks in the walls, at the crawl space, attic, etc. One distinguishing factor of bed bugs is the foul odor they emit and their dark excretions especially after feeding on fresh blood.



The bed bug pest control services in Texas may involve combination of various strategies to exterminate these ugly tiny creatures. They include the following


  • Use of hot water: this can be quite effective in killing the eggs and the bed bugs themselves. However, it may not be a plausible option in all situations, for instance, it is not possible to use hot water on the mattress and other places near electrical alliances. The hot water can also discolour furniture and may cause development of mold due to the moisture that it brings.


  • Use of rubbing alcohol: this is quite effective in killing the eggs and the bed bugs, but just like hot water, it cannot be used on all occasions, such as for example in the bedroom and in beddings.


  • Launder all beddings and clothing in the room: ensure you use hot water to launder the beddings and clothing. If there are items you cannot put in the washer, you can wrap in plastic then lay them out in the sun. The bugs will be dead in just few days.


  • Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets: after the obvious bed bugs have been killed, you should vacuum and clean the carpets. This is to prevent the pests from finding their way back into your home.


  • Use of insecticides: These can help kill the bed bugs and eggs. However, these creatures tend to live in dark and hidden places which are not easy to reach. Thus, the insecticide will not be able to reach. Also, insecticides may trigger allergic reactions when they come in direct contact with the skin. They are also not considered not safe for the environment, and though effective to some extent, may not be the best option especially in homes with family members with known allergy history or in homes where there are small children.